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Gugulethu’s well established entrepreneur, Mr Mzoli Ngcawuzele, at SAIE’s NVCL Academy

SAIE Entrepreneurs welcomed with widened smiles and joyful excitement,  one of Gugulethu’s well established entrepreneurs Mr Mzoli Ngcawuzele during one of the New Venture Creation classes. Mr S. Roomanay, Head of SAIE Academy, has just wrapped up one of the Management Skills, Leadership & Labour relations module when the class was graced with his presence.


Mr Mzoli, briefly gave the class his entrepreneur 101 experience of his  world famous Thisa Nyama establishment called Mzoli’s, and notably highlighted that is was his marketing strategies that was one of the jumpstarts of his to business. A Q&A session immediately sparked as he gave the entrepreneurs the platform to share their their business models and ask mentorship advice to take their learned skills to the next level!

Our entrepreneurs did not hold back on their questions and challenged Mr Mzoli with many thought provoking questions such as:

  • How do you survive amongst countless competition in your township?
  • How did you enter the foreign market to establish your business?
  • How do you innovate yourself and your business to not phase out?
  • What motivation would you give to young entrepreneurs against negative criticism?
  • How do you treat your staff to excel in their their jobs?


It was clear that their entrepreneurial mind-sets was thirsty for knowledge and its practical application in their communities.

Here are some key thoughts on what our entrepreneurs took from the talk, when asked about what they had learned, what was encouraging and future application of the talk included:

“ The talk encouraged me as a person because when you do business, you need to research, find out what I can do and try to add new ideas and innovation to the business” – Nomza Mncanmeleni,

“What I learnt from the talk was that I need to be more disciplined and focussed in what I am doing in my business” – Kholeka Galwe

“What I can apply to my business is to be focussed, vision driven, make my business, not to be moved by competitors around me, to stand out, to do things to the best of my abilities and to do things differently from other competitiors” – Elizabeth Guma

The mentorship talk ended with much praise to our guest. SAIE and our entrepreneurs appreciated Mr Mzoli’s time to inspire us to continue behaving entrepreneurially and believe that having the entrepreneurial literacy is key to success.