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Reagan Mogasha – Bathokwa High School, Limpopo

Reagan Mogasha is a Grade 11 learner at Bathokwa High school in a deep rural community in Limpopo. There is very little business activity in the area where he lives and the main town is about 150 km away. According to his teacher, Ms Mashilo, Reagan is a “shy, respectful, humble learner who works very hard to get what he wants.” He is also a young businessman, thanks to the BEST game.

This young man is a buyer and seller of leather polish and dishwashing liquids which he (through his uncle) buys from a factory in Germiston. He gets a regular supply of these products that he identified as being in high demand in the community. Once Reagan receives his stock from his uncle, he then resells the products to the local community. According to Reagan, the demand for the products is sometimes so high that he often runs out of stock. Currently he sells an average of 15 dishwashing liquids (R20 each) and 10 leather polish (R40 each) every week. Reagan said he became aware of the various business opportunities in the community when Ms Masilo introduced the Business Ventures programme to them. Ms Masilo recalls Reagan was the only learner in his class of 33 who became “very interested” in exploring business possibilities in the area. He became so interested that she later felt as though she was his business advisor – something she didn’t mind, knowing that her teaching was about to pay dividends from a “hardworking and dedicated learner”.

Reagan is determined to make this
business grow as he sees endless
possibilities in the area

Reagan started his business venture three months ago; with a little help from his uncle he used his savings and bought his initial stock of eight liquids and polish. He operates in a room of the family home and says that the business area is never cluttered with stock as there are always buyers for his products. When asked about any challenges he encounters with the business, he responds: “None, but the support of my uncle and family members has helped me a lot in getting the business to where it is now.” He also credits his teacher for all her help and explains that when she introduced the ‘bag’ it became his great motivator to want to start a business. On the advice of his teacher, Reagan spoke to some members of the local community first to find out if they were interested before starting the business.

Reagan is determined to make this business grow as he sees endless possibilities in the area, because it is so huge and remote and most people do not always have the cash to go to town to buy their provisions.

He is planning to further his studies in Accounting when he completes his schooling. Meanwhile the profits generated from his business will be used to save for his studies as well to assist with the income for his family that has six members.