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Lebohang Kali and Motsieloa Malete – Ficksburg Information Technology Centre, Free State

Lebohang Kali and Motsieloa Malete are the proud owners of the Ficksburg information Technology Centre, that was established in 2012. The two entrepreneurs have become role models for all those interested in establishing a techno enterprise. Since the launch of the Ficksburg ITC, Lebogang and Motsieloa have shown dedication and commitment to turn the centre […]

Enterprise development – NPO View

The enterprise development sector is often seen as the panacea to South Africa’s job creation woes. But if this sector is to succeed in enhancing economic inclusion, serious attention must be paid to creating an enabling environment which supports emerging entrepreneurs. The South African Institute for Entrepreneurship (SAIE), a leading enterprise development NPO, believes that the key to success is to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, especially among the country’s youth…

A Positive Entrepreneurial Environment

“A positive entrepreneurial environment is …dependent on a system which effectively balances government and private sector needs and interventions. Only within such a stable and positively geared environment will entrepreneurship come into its own. Internationally and nationally, it is the time for entrepreneurship.” GEM 2007…

Evaluation and Learning

SAIE has always been committed to evaluating its work, independent of stakeholder accountability issues, because of its interest in learning and improving practice…

The Age of Entrepreneurship

“It is accepted that the world is experiencing an entrepreneurial age, which is characterized by factors such as accelerated innovation and the commercialization threat at a faster rate, companies scaling down in order to be more competitive, and more emphasis on project-driven approaches. One can therefore assume that more must be done to ensure that the youth is employable and can start their own businesses.” GEM 2007….

SAIE’s Learning Philosophy

Since we develop learning materials, you would think that we’re passionate about teaching. But you’d be wrong. We’re not passionate about teaching. We’re passionate about learning. And this subtle shift in focus from teaching to learning is what really defines our educational philosophy.

South Africa : Alive with possibility?

That South Africa post 1994 is a country alive with possibility is indisputable. That it is also a country lacking in sufficient numbers of entrepreneurially minded individuals is, unfortunately, equally so…

Farming Entrepreneurially

The lessons are practical and experientially learnable. After going through the one-week AgriPlanner course devise by the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship, groups of growers have had their visionof how agriculture works transformed. They have shifted from wait and see to plan and produce and the changes are dramatic. the light bulb has flashed on and there is no turning back now.

The social return on the Agriplanner programme

The idea of a ‘social profit’ is rooted in the premise of performance-based social investment. Under this paradigm, the work of “non profit organisations”, which is dedicated to achieving a social change agenda, far from being “not profitable” is of extreme social importance – and the “return” they generate on the donors funds they use should be viewed as a social profit.

Training trainers for the Agricultural Sector

“The times they are a’changing,” sings the well known song and certainly the training and learning needs in the Agricultural sector are in the midst of a changing environment. No longer is it enough for extension officers to go around and visit and offer their suggestions as to how to improve this or that, or suggest trying some new method, crop or variety.