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Recording impact change on entrepreneurial mindset of learners

The validity of experimental methods and quantitative measurements, appropriately used, has never been in doubt. Within the last decade, qualitative methods have ascended to a level of parallel respectability. The field of evaluation has come to recognise that that, where possible, using multiple methods, both quantitative and qualitative, can be valuable since each has strengths and one approach can often overcome the weakness of another.

Losing the entrepreneurship battle

It seems that education is the key determinant of a country’s future entrepreneurial capacity. In other words, boosting entrepreneurial capacity depends on how well our education system equips young people to start their own businesses.

But it’s not just about degrees and diplomas.

Baking the entrepreneurship cake

Entrepreneurs become that way, because they get things going by constantly sniffing out opportunities with an insatiable curiosity, vision and passion.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship is regarded as a somewhat mystical attribute that only taints a lucky few.

Visioning our own entrepreneurial future

It is 2015, and…

SAIE is financially prosperous, with substantial reserves and sustainable income streams. It has 4visions focused on the key areas of Research &Development; Marketing; Service and Training; and International Outreach. The international division…

Let’s develop entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is regarded as “a way of thinking, reasoning and acting that is opportunity oriented, holistic in approach and leadership” (Timmons,1999). It is a way of thinking apparently less common to South Africans than to individuals in most other developing and many developed countries.

The results of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – a national cross-cutting imperative

Entrepreneurship cuts across all sectors and all subjects. It is a value system, a life skill. It should be given the status of a critical national imperative! Resources should be poured into the establishment and support of intrapreneurs in institutions and entrepreneurs creating jobs.

Learning to ride the entrepreneurship bicycle in the classroom

Entrepreneurship is recognised as a driving force for growth and success. But if we understand it to be a mindset, an ethos, how can we teach people to be entrepreneurs, and what are the positive outcomes of so doing? Margie Worthington-Smith, MD of the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship, presents a refreshing philosophy…