What are our plans?

Vision and Strategy

Since the inception of the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship in 1996, the semantics may have changed, but the essence remains the same. The SAIE visualises South Africa as an entrepreneurial role model to the world. This idealistic view is supported by the core belief that through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurially-laden learning processes and experiences all people have the ability to achieve and be productive.

The institute is even more audacious: our vision of the future is that all South Africans can and will behave entrepreneurially. Our goal is that students, farmers and small business owners will have their entrepreneurial drivers unlocked through the institute’s programmes and projects. We aim to become a magnet for entrepreneurial inspiration.

..through creativity, innovation and
entrepreneurially-laden learning
processes and experiences all
people have the ability to achieve
and be productive.

The purpose of the SAIE is thus that we will achieve this vision of a dynamic culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa because of the relevance, impact and creative methodologies of our programmes – all of which are embedded with key entrepreneurial drivers. We will continue to ensure that all of our programmes are effectively delivered so that participants are motivated by these drivers and skilled in the tools required to start or improve businesses in the SAIE’s chosen sectors of Education, Agriculture, Enterprise Development and Information Technology.

Looking ahead to 2025, the SAIE has an intentional strategy that will see over two thousand people in various business sectors (including farming) having established businesses with a similar number of employment opportunities having been created. Our goal is to have assisted over three thousand teachers and ten thousand students from over two thousand schools to be entrepreneurially inspired and skilled to participate economically in society.

We also plan to start our Service Seta accredited New Venture Creation Learnership called Biz Future in the coming year. This one year Learnership programme will cover eight entrepreneurial and business skills modules: entrepreneurship, financial management, business environment and marketing, business strategy and operations, management skills, leadership and communications, human resources, business roles and business planning.

Each module takes one month to complete, with learners attending one week of training, and spending three weeks working in their businesses as well as preparing the assignments for the current module. Each learner is expected to run and sustain the business for the entire learnership period; their businesses will be monitored and mentored on regular basis. Completion of each module is followed by an assessment and moderation conducted by the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship qualified staff.

Currently, 73 learners have been assessed and selected to participate in the BizFuture Learnership. Upon completion of the learnership, all learners will be expected to formally launch their businesses under the
guidance of the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship.

The SAIE’s Plans for 2016, 2020 & 2025.