Tribute to James Thomas


James Thomas is fundamental to the DNA of the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship. He was a founding board member and a thinking partner in the original development and strategy for the institute. James’ particular strength was to be able to design methodologies that made learning and training practical, appropriate, applicable and above all fun. Many of the tools and programmes that SAIE use today were either designed by James or have his hand and mind in them.

Sadly James left us in September 2013 when he was killed in the Westgate Mall massacre in Kenya while working in Nairobi. We miss him every day.


These pictures were taken by James on an occasion when he was training the BEST Game and arrived to find that there was no training venue. The open air proved no challenge to him and wall space required for putting up training materials was created… on the side the car! A typical James solution! He was ever the glass-half-full positive, practical fixer.

James Thomas A
James Thomas B