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Adding value to ABSA’s Values Absa is one of South Africa’s largest financial institutions and is fast becoming a regional and global player in the financial services industry. Such a market position calls for the company to support the government in its efforts to achieve the fulfilment of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. Absa is determined to contribute by: ·Aligning its social development programmes with targets set by the S.A. Government, countries around the globe and the United Nations, Partner with local government in a more vigorous way in pursuit of local development goals. It is with this development agenda in mind that Absa concentrates its CSI activities on education, health (in particular the fight against HIV/Aids) and entrepreneurial development. This report chronicles the achievements of Absa and its Foundation over the last financial year, and provides a glimpse of the passion with which the whole Absa community, including its employees engage in helping our bank grow our community.


  • Schools Entrepreneurship ABSA 2014

    ABSA School Press Release October 2014. Progress Report November 2014. & ABSA Schools Progress Report Training 2015. (3 reports)

  • Information Technology ABSA ITC 2012

    ABSA ITC Project Reporting June (12 months), Progress Report November 2014 & ITC Progress Report. (3 reports) Refer to the Technology Enterprise Project Summary Report attached for the locations of each Province