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Agriculture Coronation Fund Managers 2013 MP

Note: This page forms only part of the greater Agriculture Coronation Fund Managers 2013 Project. Click here for more details.


  • Agriculture

    To develop entrepreneurial mindsets and agri-business skills in emerging farmers.


  • Agri Planner

    Why Agri Planner? Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods Sustainable community development must aim to mobilise and empower communities with the skills, strategies, tools and self-confidence to care for themselves and their future generations in a sustainable fashion. As such, the aim should not be to simply “give” to communities in the traditional sense, but rather to teach […]


  • Coronation

    Coronation Fund Managers began partnering with SAIE in 2005 to support the Agriplanner programme, providing funding and business skills to farmers in rural communities. Coronation believes that the SAIE’s work is impactful in our country today because “South Africa has low levels of entrepreneurship and a high failure rate of new enterprises. Small enterprises are […]