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Information Technology

To develop entrepreneurial mindsets and information technology skills for anybody who is either a survivalist, a start-up or potential business person.

So that individuals, communities and businesses can be more effective because of the use of appropriate information technology skills and tools.


  • Information Technology ABSA ITC 2012

    ABSA ITC Project Reporting June (12 months), Progress Report November 2014 & ITC Progress Report. (3 reports) Refer to the Technology Enterprise Project Summary Report attached for the locations of each Province


  • Best Game (Info Tech)

    The BEST GAME is in essence not a game at all. It is a carefully constructed business skills development tool masquerading as a game. The BEST GAME is interactive and experientially based. It simulates real market conditions and business scenarios in the training room. The process gets participants to weigh up information, make decisions and […]