The Journey of a Logo

The journey of a logo The South African Institute for Entrepreneurship started life in 1996 as the Institute for Development Services (IDS). Its parent organisation, the Triple Trust Organisation (TTO) was created in 1988 to train unemployed adults. IDS remained true to that mission but expanded its vision to creating an entrepreneurial culture amongst South Africa’s youth.

As with all organisations its image has reflected its evolution.

logo_journey_1In the early days, besides the entrepreneurship agenda, IDS also focussed on providing development consulting services to other organisations – hence the name. At that stage black and white was the choice of colour – mostly for the ease and cost of reproduction!

logo_journey_2Around 1998 IDS evolved its mission to include youth and entrepreneurship products and as this happened so a new logo was born which mimicked the new SA flag and which included primary colours and geometric shapes that would appeal to a younger target market. The yellow base was has always been seen as the entrepreneurial mindset that underpins the organisation’s mission. In 2002 the organisation changed its name to the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship, staking a clear claim to the role it intended to play in the entrepreneurship space in SA.

logo_journey_3A further shift in 2006 was the desire to include a sense of upward movement and a focus on people – and so the change to a shape that depicted a figure reaching up with the green triangle becoming the “head”. The yellow base of the entrepreneurial mindset remained as a key element.

logo_journey_4Now, almost 10 years since the last change, the organisation has re-­‐energised itself. Part of this process has been the evolution of the logo towards one that is fresh and which provides for more movement and depth. This new design depicts the process from the early loose ideas that characterise the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey (the black swirls on the outer edges) through to the journey down the more solid and colourful tunnel towards the final destination. These colours can be interpreted as the qualities that make the entrepreneurial journey so rich. The yellow centre still depicts the entrepreneurial mindset that is at the centre of all that SAIE does.