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Link Up – Grade 11

What is Achieved?

This programme develops business knowledge, skills and values by means of case studies, pop quizzes and interactive tasks.


Learners work in teams to explore case studies and resource material, and to complete a “savvy cycle” of activities.

Learning Context

Work cards challenge learners to get to grips with each assessment standard from the point of view of an entrepreneur or business.

Lesson Plan Process

Each work card challenges learners to complete a “savvy cycle” of tasks. These introduce critical and creative thinking skills vital for success in business.

Introducing Link Up

Link Up has been designed to meet the requirements of Business Studies, an elective subject in the Further Education and Training curriculum, as de?ned in the National Curriculum Statement.  Link Up includes gripping case studies, accessible resource material and interactive tasks. These provide learners and educators with a complete learning programme for the Business Studies in the National Curriculum.

Core Resource Material

Each Link Up work card provides learners with the core resource material directly relevant to the NCS assessment standards. Resources include text as well as photographic illustrations and diagrams in full colour.

Learner Support Material

Each Link Up kit includes a range of supporting charts and posters. These provide additional “props” with which learners can interact, and from which they can acquire new information, ideas and skills.

Case Studies

Link Up introduces each assessment standard by means of a case study. The case studies are stories about entrepreneurs or companies. These stories present business knowledge, skills and values in human terms, which learners ?nd much more accessible than the conventional and abstract resource material typical of text books.

The “Savvy Cycle”

Each Link Up work card culminates in a series of critical and creative thinking tasks related to the assessment standard. This “savvy cycle” helps learners to develop ef?cient and effective mental habits, which they can apply to any of their learning areas.

Comprehensive Assessment System

The VENTURES assessment system developed for use in the EMS syllabus for General Education and Training has been further developed for you to use in the Business Studies syllabus for Further Education and Training. (See the back cover of this brochure for a description of our assessment system.)


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