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Look Out – Grade 5

What is Achieved?

This programme develops in learners the habit of being alert to opportunities.


Six virtual worlds packed with business opportunities and entrepreneurs show learners how to look out for opportunities.

Learning Context

Learners follow the tracks on their game-board work cards and look out for opportunities in the six virtual worlds.

Lesson Plan Process

In groups learners read tenstep work cards: steps 1 to 5 introduce a business concept; steps 6 to 9 apply the concept to an entrepreneur’s problem.

Introducing Look Out

Look Out! introduces grade five learners to fictional entrepreneurs from six virtual cities: Africa-Town, America-Town, Australia-Town, Europe-Town, Far-East Town and Middle-East-Town. Guided by these characters, learners discover how to look out for business problems and business opportunities.  In addition to exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, learners also discover the critical factors behind growth and development by comparing the six towns.

Virtual Towns

Each Look Out! kit includes six posters. Each poster is really a virtual town that is designed to introduce learners to the world of business. Each town is packed full of entrepreneurial activities and growth and development opportunities.

Look Out! work cards challenge learners to explore these towns. So doing, they learn to see their own communities with entrepreneurial vision, recognising entrepreneurs and new business ventures and looking out for hidden opportunities.

Fun Work Cards

Each Look Out! work card challenges learners to complete a “race-track” of questions by the end of a lesson. These questions guide the learners to study, explore and interrogate one of the six pictures.  The questions on each card guide learners to explore entrepreneurial concepts such as production, invention, selling, customer service, people-management, seeing opportunities, customer research, etc.

Look Out! brings together issues such as living standards, growth and development with the need for entrepreneurship. It offers learners the chance to practice entrepreneurial thinking in the classroom and shows how their own business ventures will have an impact on their communities, region and country.

Growth and development work cards guide learners to explore issues such as living standards, ownership of resources and historical imbalances. These are the concepts and skills that de?ne Economic and Management Sciences. Interactive activities enable learners to achieve outcomes which show that they mastered these concepts and skills.


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