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Pop-Up – Grade 2

What is Achieved?

This programme develops in learners familiarity and comfort with numbers, money and some basic business ideas and skills.


Learners follow the adventures of Poppet, an entrepreneurial mouse.

Learning Context

Learners help Poppet and Buzz on their adventures.

Lesson Plan Process

The educator reads the story and the guide directs the educator to involve learners in a range of activities that are related to the stories, posters and other props.

The Problem of Introducing EMS to Young Learners

“Oh no!” This was the reaction the VENTURES’ team encountered when we first started talking to both educators and parents alike about introducing the new learning area, Economic and Management Sciences, to young students.

We heard comments such as:

  • “It’s too difficult for them.”
  • “It’ll turn our children into money grubbing little monsters!”
  • “Money is not the most important thing in the world.”
  • “You will spoil their innocence.”
  • “I don’t understand what the syllabus means.”
  • “I don’t know how to make such a complex subject easy to understand and fun to do.”
  • “They can barely read and write, not to mention count, how can we explain it to them?”

The Solution

So what is the solution? Pop Up! This learning programme has been designed in such a way that the learners who use it will find themselves opening their eyes to a whole world of which they knew little, if anything, before…

  • A world that is fascinating, challenging and most of all fun.
  • A world that is revealed to them through a series of amazing adventures, narrated by a mouse called Poppet.
  • Adventures which take them into a mysterious forest, on a train journey, to the circus, zooming off into space and into the hustle and bustle of city life.

Every adventure allows the students to “tumble” into a variety of activities which highlight different learning points.

There are also many opportunities for you to use Pop Up! as a spring board to numerous cross-curricula activities. Pop Up! covers a wide variety of subjects beyond the limits of Economic and Management Sciences.


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