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Sort Out – Grade 8

What is Achieved?

This programme develops entrepreneurial initiative by challenging learners to plan and implement six micro ventures.


Learners solve business problems for 20 entrepreneurs, and explore ways to turn their own interests into micro ventures.

Learning Context

Learners debate and brainstorm solutions to business problems. They also compete in groups to plan and start-up six micro ventures over the course of the year.

Lesson Plan Process

When advising entrepreneurs, learners follow a six-step process: grasp it; research it; explore it; unpack it; report it; imagine it.

Introducing Sort Out

Sort Out offers learners two linked learning paths.

On the first path, learners engage in entrepreneurial activities based on one of six themes: animals, art, food, services, sport and tourism.

On the second path, learners play the role of business advisors.

Path 1: Learners as Entrepreneurs

As learners make progress through Sort Out they encounter a range of entrepreneurship concepts such as becoming a better seller, getting to know customers, keeping up with competitors, managing cash or making a profit. Learners are challenged to prepare micro ventures in class, do some research at home, evaluate their progress the following week then go out and put their plans into action.

This Sort Out work card challenges learners to identify business opportunities related to the theme of tourism.

Learners begin by brainstorming different business ideas. Then they explore whether each option is “doable”.

The work card then challenges learners to identify the resources and money they will need to make their chosen venture a success. Learners then set themselves tasks to accomplish before the next session. At the next class they work out how to break even and identify the people they know who can help them. More planning follows. Learners then try out their venture and write a report on their success (or failure). This learning system thus emphasises planning, action and reflection.

Path 2: Learners as Business Advisors

Sort Out includes more than 20 work cards that introduce learners to various entrepreneurs and their business dilemmas. These work cards challenge learners to research the issues, and to explore, debate and brainstorm ideas. In this way, learners approach all the concepts and skills prescribed in the National Curriculum Statement for Economic and Management Sciences from the perspective of an entrepreneur facing day-to-day business challenges.


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