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Start Out – Grade 7

What is Achieved?

This programme develops entrepreneurial initiative by challenging learners to run a mini business (a choice of three snack foods).


Learners complete a range of outer-space themed work cards to prepare for a business game and a real business venture.

Learning Context

Learners compete in groups in a business simulation. Then in their groups they plan and run a simple business venture

Lesson Plan Process

Green work cards prepare learners for the simulation. Blue work cards are businessrelated. Red work cards help learners to plan their businesses.

Introducing Start Out

The theme of Start Out! is taking off and learning to ?y. Once students have completed this level of VENTURES we want them to be able to look back and see that their knowledge, vision and selfcon?dence are ?ying much higher than before.

Assessment Made Easy

Start Out – and all other VENTURES courses –include comprehensive forms to manage the assessment of each of your learners as prescribed by the National Curriculum Statement.

Fun Work Cards

Test Flight is the section of six green workcards. This part of Start Out! uses the BEST Game (Business, Expense (personal), Savings Training), a business simulation developed in South Africa and used world wide. As an introduction, students will meet some colourful caricatures who make the most typical business mistakes. At the end of this section the ?ve groups will compete against each other as they run their simulated business ventures.

Infolab work cards are next. Each of these blue works takes learners through a series of practical business issues. In the middle and at the end of the Infolab section the groups will play the simulation game again and try to implement the new things they have learned about business.

Take Off is a series of 11 red workcards where each group chooses a snack food business to run. These cards take the group through the planning and then the buying, making, packaging and selling of bags of home-made goodies. The workcards provide a safe step-by-step process that can be carefully controlled and monitored.

Into Orbit work cards provide learners with opportunities to explore and debate a range of ideas and issues in the ?eld of economic and management sciences. These concepts include: rights and responsibilities; producers and consumers; government and business; apartheid and development; poverty and progress; and many more.

Superlab yellow work cards are designed to occupy groups that ?nish their other work cards early. Each Superlab A5-sized card has a fun exercise in group decisionmaking, problem-solving, visualisation or other life skills.


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